Hey Everybody,
Welcome to the new Hugh Price.com website. The purpose of this site is to promote my music in an accessible way...

I am both a solo and ensemble player and have supported myself playing music for the past 14 years. Currently I'm based in Charleston, SC where I won the Acoustic Playoffs back in 1993 and have averaged 150 to 200 nights a year of live performance ever since. I have played extensively in Pennsylvania, New York, Utah, Colorado, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, with forays into North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and DC.

Triple Lindy is a band I joined in the summer of 2003. I play guitar and sing with them several nights a week, which is also rounded out with several solo appearances each week. Sound-bites, images, and my schedule are posted on this site and I hope to have both new and old CDs available SOON!

My music is best described as "rootsy with a modern interpretation". My solo show is full of blues, folk, ragtime, standards, vintage country and requests a la "Americana" always with a foundation of traditionalism. I sing, as well as play harmonica and guitar primarily, although I occasionally play mandolin on stage as well.

Triple Lindy is an extension of my traditional foundation but with a different style of repetoire comprised of mostly Bluegrass and Newgrass tunes with rich vocal harmonies.

Check out www.triplelindy.net for more info on the group.

More to come, please stay tuned and come back soon. To get on my email list for a weekly schedule and/or other info.... please send me an email to the address on the contact page.